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Welcome to NER AVRAHAM sephardic-jewish congregation AVENTURA

Temple Ner Avraham is a Bucharian Sephardic Congregation, blending Jewish values, study, social action and traditions into a house of worship, education and community. Both young families and senior members of our congregation, along with clergy and staff, come together to create an earnest spirit of community and a sense of kinship

Numbers 19:1-25:9
Moses is taught the laws of the Red Heifer, whose
ashes purify a person who has been contaminated
by contact with a dead body.
After 40 years of journeying through the desert, the
people of Israel arrive in the wilderness of Zin. Miriam
dies and the people thirst for water. G‑d tells Moses
to speak to a rock and command it to give water.
Moses gets angry at the rebellious Israelites and
strikes the stone. Water issues forth, but Moses is
told by G‑d that neither he nor Aaron will enter the
Promised Land.
Aaron dies at Hor Hahar and is succeeded in the
High Priesthood by his son Elazar. Venomous snakes
attack the Israelite camp after yet another eruption of
discontent in which the people “speak against G‑d
and Moses”; G‑d tells Moses to place a brass
serpent upon a high pole, and all who will gaze
heavenward will be healed. The people sing a song
in honor of the miraculous well that provided the
water in the desert. Moses leads the people in
battles against the Emorite kings Sichon and Og
(who seek to prevent Israel’s passage through their
territory) and conquers their lands, which lie east of
the Jordan.
Balak, the King of Moab, summons the prophet
Balaam to curse the people of Israel. On the way,
Balaam is berated by his donkey, who sees the angel
that G‑d sends to block their way before Balaam
does. Three times, from three different vantage
points, Balaam attempts to pronounce his curses;
each time, blessings issue instead. Balaam also
prophecies on the end of days and the coming of
The people fall prey to the charms of the daughters
of Moab and are enticed to worship the idol Peor.
When a high-ranking Israelite official publicly takes a
Midianite princess into a tent, Pinchas kills them
both, stopping the plague raging among the people.

We see the divine spark in each individual by together:

The mission of Temple Ner Avraham is to be a vibrant, inclusive and engaged sephardic community, grounded in relationships and deeds, and elevated by Shabbat and Torah.

Warmly welcoming all who enter

Nurturing lifelong learning

Creating joy through prayer and music

Celebrating holidays and sharing life cycles

Fostering a love of Israel, and

Working for tikkun olam — repairing the world